Sponsors & Organizers

This conference is jointly organized by Prof. James Conant (University of Chicago) and Prof. Johannes Haag (University of Potsdam), assisted by Gilad Nir (Chicago) and Till Hoeppner (Potsdam).

At the University of Chicago, the following institutional partners have provided support for this conference:

  • The Franke Institute
  • The Department of Philosophy
  • The Department of Germanic Studies
  • The Center for Interdisciplinary Research on German Literature and Culture
  • The Committee on Social Thought
  • The German Philosophy Workshop 
  • The Wittgenstein Workshop. 

This conference has been funded by additional generous grants from the following sources:

  • The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's Anneliese-Maier Prize held by James Conant (Chicago)
  • The TransCoop Grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, held jointly by Christoph König (Osnabrück) and David Wellbery (Chicago).