Conference Program

All sessions to be held in the Franke Institute, Regenstein 102

Friday February 21

10:00-12:00 Johannes Haag: Transcendental Realism
Moderator: Jim Conant

2:00-4:00 Stephen Engstrom: Knowledge and Its Object: The "Copernican" Account
Moderator: Eli Friedlander

4:30-6:30 Thomas Land: Intuition and Productive Imagination
Moderator: Stefanie Gr√ľne

Saturday February 22

10:00-12:00 Keren Gorodeisky: Aesthetic Pleasure as an Exercise of Rational Agency
Moderator: David Wellbery

2:00-4:00 Jim O’Shea: Kant on the Status of Regulative Principles
Moderator: Michael Kremer

4:30-6:30 Matt Boyle: Kant and McDowell on the Spontaneity of Judgment
Moderator: Arata Hamawaki

Sunday February 23

10:00-12:00 John McDowell: Rationalism Without Dogmas
Moderator: Robert Pippin

2:00-4:00 Willem deVries: The Presence of Space and Time in Experience
Moderator: Christian Barth

4:30-6:30 Michael Williams: Sellars on Truth
Moderator: Mark Lance

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