About the Conference

Wilfrid Sellars was a leading American philosopher of the postwar period who wrote extensively on the interpretation of Kant’s philosophy. Many of his most interesting writings on Kant, however, were only published posthumously -- some appearing only in the past few years. The conference will seek to bring together a handful of the leading North American and European scholars of Sellars’s work with a number of leading Kant interpreters. The three central topics of the conference will be  the following: (1) Sellar’s contributions to a proper exegetical and philosophical understanding of Kant, (2) the import of Sellars’s reading of Kant for contemporary philosophical debates about the nature of perceptual experience, and (3) the place of Sellar’s writings on Kant in an overall understanding of Sellar’s own systematic philosophical project.

Conference Format and Participants

The conference will have a workshop format. The papers will be pre-circulated. No papers will be read at the conference. The conference itself will be given over entirely to discussion of the pre-circulated texts. We hope to maintain a balance between, on the one hand, a focused investigation of specific topics pertaining to selected texts by Kant and Sellars and, on the other, a broader treatment of these issues and of their significance for a larger view of Kant’s and Sellars’s respective philosophical undertakings. In addition to the invited guests who will have authored these papers, we will also invite a substantial number of participants committed either to the serious study of Sellars or Kant or both who can help to deepen and enrich our discussions. These additional invited participants will guarantee a critical mass of informed audience members, competent moderators, and lively critics of the work of our primary invited participants. 

This conference is jointly organized by Prof. James Conant (University of Chicago) and Prof. Johannes Haag (University of Potsdam), assisted by Gilad Nir (Chicago) and Till Hoeppner (Potsdam).

The invited participants authoring our pre-circulated papers and their announced topics are as follows:

Matt Boyle (Harvard)
Bill deVries (UNH)
Stephen Engstrom (Pittsburgh)
Johannes Haag (Potsdam)
Keren Gorodeisky (Auburn)
Thomas Land (Cambridge)
John McDowell (Pittsburgh)
Jim O’Shea (UCD)
Michael Williams (Johns Hopkins)

Other invited participants and primary discussants will be the following:

Christian Barth (Humboldt)
James Conant (Chicago)
Eli Friedlander (TAU)
Stefanie GrĂ¼ne (Potsdam)
Arata Hamawaki (Auburn)
Till Hoeppner (Potsdam)
Irad Kimhi (Chicago)
Christoph Koenig (Osnabrueck)
Michael Kremer (Chicago)
Mark Lance (Georgetown)
Robert Pippin (Chicago)
Martin Stone (Cardozo)
David Wellbery (Chicago)

If you would like to participate or to access the readings for this conference, please leave your email address as a comment below. Your comment will only be visible to the conference organizers.